“Where has this book been all my life? I have read many Wicca books and this one is by far the best. So easy to understand. It’s perfect.”


          “One book, filled with a journey that takes you into a world full of discoveries, quenching your thirst for spiritual knowledge. Thank you!”


“This is a great introduction for everyone who ever wondered about Wicca and its traditions but wasn’t sure where to begin. Written by the author of the hugely popular ‘Wicca Teachings’ site, the book provides a straightforward but thoughtful guide to Wicca and its traditions.”


Raised a Christian in Northern England, Tony Bell soon realized that something in this religion did not feel right to him. When he found Wicca everything fell into place. Having studied and practiced for many years he created his own facebook group Wicca Teachings, now an online page where thousands of Wiccans from all over the world come together to share, advise and help others. And yet many of the comments on this page echoed the frustrations Tony felt when he first came into Wicca – they couldn’t find the ideal Wicca book for beginners. And so Tony wrote ‘Wicca Teachings – An Introduction and Practical Guide’ – the book he wished he’d been able to read all those years ago, the only book on Wicca you will ever need, an Amazon number one bestseller.


  • Learn about Wiccan festivals, history and Wheel of the Year
  • Perform your own magic so you will never need to buy another spell book again
  • A comprehensive guide to herbs, crystals, rituals, chants and incantations
  • Set up an altar in your own personal way
  • A rundown on the many Gods and Goddesses
  • Information on every other aspect of Wicca – from birth and death to the significance of full moons

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Wicca or have been practising for years; this book, unlike any other on the market, will benefit you in many ways. Uncover all there is to know about being Wiccan, learn about nature and rediscover your place within this beautiful world.



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