A novel to stand up alongside Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, offering a window into

the youth of today. A fantastic book expressing the cynicism and

dissatisfaction of those on the edge of society

Waterstone’s Recommended Read


The narrative is so strong, the characters and dialogue so real, the situation so heart-breaking.

This is masterful and should win several literary prizes

Patricia J. Delois, award-winning author of Bufflehead Sisters


Hardwick’s writing has the power and humanity to make you wonder about

the way you see the world, and to give voice to those whose stories

usually remain untold

Laura Brewis, New Writing North


A truly compelling page-turner

Inside Time, the national newspaper for prisoners

Kicked Out pic (2)


Sixteen-year-old Danny is kicked out by his parents and has nowhere to go but a shelter for homeless teenagers. There he finds a friend in the more experienced Goochy, who helps him find his feet. But the other residents are every bit as troubled and complex as Danny, and with drugs, alcohol, crime, sex and violence always on the cards, the house is soon simmering like a pressure cooker about to blow. In this turbulent environment, between binges and wild escapades, Danny begins to reflect and grow. But a discovery about his family places him under a pressure he cannot contain…

Kicked Out draws on the author’s experiences of working with young homeless and young offenders and is essential reading for anyone hoping to understand today’s unwanted youth. Hard-hitting and unsentimental without being bleak, gripping, at times hilarious – you will never look at kids on the street in the same way again.


Copies available for just £3.99. If you would like a personally signed and dedicated copy then please contact Richard at richard@lapwingbooks.com or leave a comment below

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